V8 Staff

We found some burnt up wiring and connectors, and knew there would be some part replacement in addition to restoration.

Once the engine bay had been thoroughly documented, we measured the fitment of the hood in relation to the fenders, because the hood would be removed. Too many times body panels are reinstalled differently than how they were when the car came into the shop, so we started a practice of measuring and documenting cars so that they would go back together the same way they were when they arrived in the shop. In some cases, we reassemble them nicer than they were, but in this case the customer was happy with the original hood fit.

The white mask paper protects the finish, and the yellow tape provides areas for notes and additional protection.

Once the hood was removed, the disassembly continued. The main goal was to get the engine out so that it could be partially disassembled for cleaning in detail work, as well as repairing some leaks by regasketing the engine. The customer complained about the starting and running performance of this car so we knew we were going to rebuild the Thermoquad carburetor.

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