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We elected to use a dustless media blasting technique for paint removal. In this process, crushed recycled glass bead is the cutting media, and it is blasted at the subject with high-pressure water. The water contains a rust inhibitor, so the clean panels do not immediately start corroding. The benefit is that the water keeps the temperature down to prevent the friction of the glass bead impact from heating and warping the panels. The other benefit is that the glass bead does not harm the environment, as the dust simply integrates with the gravel in our lot.

Go Green Dustless Blasting brought their mobile unit to our shop to do the work.

https://v8speedshop.com/wp-content/gallery/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT_09.27.14_21.JPG” />

https://v8speedshop.com/wp-content/gallery/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT_09.27.14_20.JPG” />

https://v8speedshop.com/wp-content/gallery/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT_09.27.14_49.JPG” />

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