V8 Staff

Like every car that arrives in the V8 Speed & Resto Shop, and our first task is always to perform a thorough inspection. We prepare a 10 page inspection form which gives us a good reference point on how the vehicle arrived in the shop, and provides the customer for an overview on the car’s shape. We also take a substantial amount of photographs documenting the condition, which provide a reference point not only of how things were put together, but also if there were any nicks or scratches or blemishes on the car when it arrived.

This is a really nice car, but we did find a few things to address here and there, like crushed fuel lines and the occasional chip & scratch.

Some of the wiring and plumbing would benefit from some detailing and cleaner routing.

540 cubes of rich-running big block fury!

Short exhaust misery… this one was loud and the lack of tips made a big mess when the car was idling.

Our customer had a pretty solid plan for what he wanted done to this car, so we put the part list together and began to order parts.

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