Daryl Wolf

I was thinking about your answer, and yes I may be over thinking this. But I have an oil consumption problems I want to stop and I think it is from the PCV system bringing in oil to the intake and combustion chamber and dirtying up my valves with carbon.

If the internal engine pressure is higher on the passenger side and lower on the driver side due to crankshaft rotation wouldn’t there be a pressure gradient created that would favor gas flowing from driver’s side to the passenger side? If so would it not be logical to put the PCV on the high pressure side (the passenger valve cover) and a fresh air inlet on the driver’s side valve cover to favor the direction of this circulation of internal engine gases? Or does a PCV system helps counter the internal pressure gradient when putting the PCV on the driver’s side valve cover, and the result is and overall lower internal engine pressure? Or really is this all irrelevant, and there is no advantage to which valve cover one puts the PCV on?