V8 Staff

OK, It’s no secret I’m partial to Rivieras, but I think this design is cool no matter if you like these cars or not. This is a 1968 or 1969 version, and I really dig the subtle changes. First off, the bumpers have been “tamed”… they are big, heavy chrome megaliths on these cars, and it’s hard to reduce the heft of them without losing the design of the car. Colter O’Dell nailed it on his version.

I also dig the flush rear glass and that he didn’t really stray too far from the original design of the car, but merely enhanced the look. The rendering also has a cool stitched background, suggesting the luxurious interior and the vinyl top treatment, seemingly done in suede! Awesome.

You can read the story on the designer’s mindset on this car at his site here:


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