V8 Staff

So I have seen many opinions as to what is a “Street Rod.” While I too have my personal opinion… I was at work today, just reading through the Motor Vehicle Revised Code of Washington State (That’s what you do now when you work behind a desk and your bored) and discovered that the WA State Legislature has defined it for me!

RCW 46.04.572
Street rod vehicle.
“Street rod vehicle” means a motor vehicle that:
(1) Is a 1948 or older vehicle or the vehicle was manufactured after 1948 to resemble a vehicle manufactured before 1949; and
(2) Has alterations to one or more of the major component parts listed in RCW 46.80.010 that change the appearance or performance of the vehicle from the original manufacturer’s design or has a body constructed from nonoriginal materials.

Any thoughts? Does your State officially define Street Rods or Hot Rods?

Interesting. I recall something on this, I’ll have to look again.

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