Ward Frahler

Kevin, don’t mind sharing at all. Could be kind of long and I don’t know exactly what info you want but I’ll try and if there are any ?s I’ll answer as they come. I started off using Dupont but after awhile I didn’t like the coverage. Tried PPG and liked it very much but the reducer goes bad before I could use it and it is very expensive. I became friends with the owner of a paint supply house and he carried Shermin Williams. Really love the Ultra 7000 line. They have since changed over to BASF and it is taking getting used to. No one close carries the SW line. I know some will probably cringe at this but I have a little Utra and a little BASF and I mix and match them when I air brush, I just always use the same high quality reducer. Tape, I use all 3M. I cheat on the pinstriping, I tape them off and airbrush them in, I’m not steady enough.