Ward Frahler

This is a vette I painted a few years ago but didn’t have pics of until this weekend. It was kind of crowed and I couldn’t get pics from the angles and distance I wanted but hopefully you get the feel of it. It is a cool car and the owner has really done a lot with stance, wheels, motor, etc….
On this one I painted the whole car the original silver. He didn’t know what he wanted so his wife and I decided for him, gotta love it when the wife likes more wild paint than the husband. He knew he wanted a cove painted to resemble the old vettes. I painted the carbon fiber inserts and then cleared it, then sanded smooth and layed out the flames, painted them with silver. Then I painted the whole thing with candy red. Last I painted the faux chrome trim around it to give the old vette feel. He later bought the hood and we did it to match. and I painted all the covers under the hood.