V8 Staff

very nice. what was different on it?

There were lots of things done to make them more competitive. First, it was a fully boxed frame, some say convertible frames were used, but those had a big “X” welded in the center that this one does not have. The front suspension features shortened upper control arms for better geometry, and the uppers and lowers were fully boxed as well. The shock was moved out of the coil spring, an the coil spring perches were moved to allow for a straighter compression and less “arch” as the suspension articulated. Different bushings were used, bigger sway bar, and heavy duty ball joints were used up front as well. The rear used revised leaf spring hangars and the leaves were moved inboard a bit, and the rear axle was reinforced. Special shocks and springs were also installed, and the whole ride height was lowered. Cool stuff!

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