Fuel system and engine wiring is complete and I have started the engine. At the first attempt the engine fired up easily but there was a loud clatter from the lifters and the oilpressure was close to zero!
After loosening the oilpan and removal of the timingcover I discovered that I had forgotten to install the front plugs in the lifter oilgallerys. That is the problem with doing to many projects at the same time I guess 🙂
But it was a quick fix since the radiator support was not installed yet. The oilpressure is now fine and the engine runs fine.
During warmup with the radiator installed I suddenly discovered drops of ATF in the coolant. The trans oilcooler in that almost new (I assume it is made in China) aluminium radiator that came with the car is leaking into ATF in to the coolant. Luckily enough only a small amount of water has entered the transmission and there was no antifreeze added yet. A remote oilcooler will be installed
as a fix for that problem.
I still have the frontbrake plumbing to sort out before the first testdrive.
Those Volvo 240 brakes are dualcircuit all the way to the front calipers (2 front wheels and one rear wheel per brake circuit on volvo’s!) so a T fitting and an extra brakeline are needed at each front caliper.

The missing oilgallery plugs!

Enginebay is now almost complete.