I have finally been able to road test the Nova! 🙂

The suspension and steering feels great, there are no tendency to pull in any direction and the course stability is great, probably due to the fact that I added about 2 degrees of caster over the stock Volvo setting.
And the springrate of the coilovers seems to be right on the money, the ride is firm but not harsh. I still have to solve the problem with bumpstops,
Steering angle will probably have to be reduced somehow, the tires scrubs somewhat at full lock.
But we still have the volvo wheels in front, the hubs will have to be redrilled for 4 3/4 bolt circle so we can install the correct chevy wheels.

The brakes do still require a bit to much pedal pressure, its not to bad, but I will try
to increase the pedalratio. But they do stop the car safely in a straight line.

The torquey little V6 has no problem to spin the rear tires from a standstill on dry
albeit cold roadsurface! And the performance seems to be adequate, it is quite noisy right now though. No carpets and no wheatherstripping in the passenger door plus the front tires are a pair off studded wintertires.

So it seems that it can be out on the road this summer!