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Obviously, the correct way to repair this stuff is not to just hide it under a patch. The top side of the frame was still intact. Out comes the rusty metal.

https://v8speedshop.com/wp-content/gallery/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT_12.16.14_002.JPG” />

We measured the rails and determined that 2” x 2” box channel is a perfect fit inside the stock rails. We elected to leave all 4 sides of the box tube intact to add a little more rigidity to the stock frame. The reinforcements were MIG welded in place, and ground flush.

https://v8speedshop.com/wp-content/gallery/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT_12.16.14_021.JPG” />

https://v8speedshop.com/wp-content/gallery/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT_12.16.14_019.JPG” />

https://v8speedshop.com/wp-content/gallery/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT_12.16.14_003.JPG” />

https://v8speedshop.com/wp-content/gallery/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT/1966_Ford_Galaxie_7L_GT_12.16.14_007.JPG” />

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