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So, I have a bit of a non update, update. I decided to drop by my machinist’s shop just to see what’s up. We chatted a bit and I asked him if my pistons have come in. He had a blank look on his face for a second while he thought about it, then said “Yes!”

We chatted a bit more. Then took a look at these sweet pistons. They looked beautiful. Except they were wrong. ARRRGH! They were supposed to be dished to -18cc. These were at -7cc. For some reason he thought that these were, in fact, correct. He cited the compression height of the piston vs what he calculated. These will sit in the hole a little deeper, effectively reducing compression ratio to a usable level.

He’s going to re-measure the block and verify everything. If it ends up being that the pistons are not correct, he says he has access to a cnc machine to create the necessary dish.

And the wait continues!

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Hopefully he can cut ’em down the way they need to be. It’s usually easier to make piston dishes bigger than smaller! Thanks for the update!

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