V8 Staff

We elected to install a Holley LS conversion oil pan to gain better fit at the crossmember, and also to increase ground clearance.

The Muscle Rods frame stands and engine mount plates allowed us to drop the LSA into place with minimal drama.

We were concerned about how the transmission was going to fit under the stock floor. However, we used the Muscle Rods install kit and the 4L80e transmission fit snugly without major floor modifications.

However, we checked the pinion angle and learned that the nose of the engine was high and the tail of the transmission was low, so we elected to modify the frame stands to bring the crank centerline down.

We elected to cut and remove a slice of the engine mount, and this modification netted us a 4° angle on the engine and transmission, nearly ideal for a street driven car. Here, the mount is just tack welded in place for test fitting.

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