john sayre

Our customer was inspired by this your build and we are now undertaking the challenge. Except we are using a 1967 instead of the 68 you guys used. I am seeing why the 68 is the better option. I am curious about the headers you choose. Why were the midlength headers chosen over the long tube? Is it a fit mint issue. It looks light in there. Also, whci Ac compressor did you use. I see vintage air setup was used. They do not make a conversion for the ’67. My pan is to utilize the original system and a Sanden S7 compressor. Lastly, Did you user an origional stly power steering pump or one for the CTS-v? I know the modern style will work, with slightly less assit. That is my hold up at the moment. Any info or tips you have wold be greatly appriciated. Thanks, John