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In the summer of 1994, I was able to pull the Riv back out of storage and get some work done on it. I pulled the front clip, blasted the frame, epoxied everything and shot it all in satin black. Monochrome colors were all the rage back then, and I “redded out” the motor and brakes and stuff. Everything red was shot in PPG primer and Delstar single-stage urethane, and the black was a PPG DP-40 green epoxy primer topcoated with a special blend of flat / gloss Rust Oleum with a hardener mixed in. I even shot some video:

In this next clip, the engine is back in the chassis and you get to see more of the mess I made of my parents’ garage. Body filler and PPG chemicals all over the place, tools laying around… the total opposite of how I keep things now. But hey, it was 1994 and I was a 22 year old punk. What you can’t hear is Francis Dunnery’s “American Life In The Summertime” playing on 93.1 WXRT Chicago on the radio on the original tape.

It’s hard to tell, but the Galaxie was wrecked at that point, too. It was rough around there for a while. Also dig the “Wild Orchid” rendering… I did that with watercolors. Wild Orchid was a new Ford color for 1995, and I was crazy over it.

The Wild Orchid version sports a GS chin spoiler, flush glass with black trim, N-25 style exhaust cutouts, and my personal favorite… the cell phone antenna in the back window! I still have the rendering, and now realize the smear on it is from the magnet that held it to the fridge.

1995 Ford Probe in Wild Orchid

I didn’t finish the car that summer, and I had to put the car away again for the winter. I don’t know exactly how far I got, because I seem to have some missing photos that were either never developed or are in a box of stuff at my Mom’s place in AZ.

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