V8 Staff

This thing is a monster. Built by Butler LS, it’s an LS style engine, built with nearly all new aftermarket high performance parts. The block is an RHS tall-deck aluminum piece, and with the custom Eagle crank, it’s producing 454 cubic inches.

Of course, it features a COMP cam, lifters, and valvetrain, and is fed by a FAST XFI 2.0 fuel injection system. The intake is a FAST 102 MM billet throttle body bolted to a FAST LSXR composite intake manifold, holding FAST billet fuel rails.

The engine was machined and assembled by the talented crew at Butler LS, using all top-shelf internals and held together by ARP fasteners. They broke in the engine and made some power pulls, and the power maxes out at over 690 HP!

The front drive is from Wegner Motorsport, and also encompasses a Sanden compressor for the Vintage Air A/C system.

The clean coil covers are also Wegner pieces, which feature a billet construction and a clean cover to conceal the ignition coils. Oil is added through an opening under the large flanged hex bolts holding the top cover in place.

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