V8 Staff

This is another one that I really liked as a kid and think would make an awesome full-sized ride. It’s a ’53 Chevy panel gasser. The original model issue was from decades ago, and I really dug the red-white-blue paint scheme and stars on the nose. I think I’ve posted this pic on the forum before at some point, I don’t remember.

It has since been re-issued by Revell as the Drill Sergeant:

I’m not thrilled with the new scheme, but you can still build it as the old stars & stripes version as this fellow did:

Can you imagine shakin’ the earth with this supercharged 409-powered beast in real life? Too cool.

I just realized this post was from 2016, and I just obtained one of these kits last month in 2021! I’ll post build pics when I get confident enough to build it! BTW, we shared the story on this kit in a recent V8 Radio Podcast episode, here’s the link: