V8 Staff

The deck lid gap appears a little inconstant, but not completely off base.  

Deck to quarter gap is a little wobbly, and the quarter panel came with a dent in the contour line. 

The rear window filler panel fit is OK, we’ll weld this up to prevent it shifting in the future.

The tail pan looks like many of the reproduction pieces, but the lines are a little more defined than many.  The tail light openings can be hit or miss on the repro panels, but these look better than most.  

Our plans for this car call for “spirited” driving courtesy of the 800+ horsepower Mast engine, so we’ll need to run much larger tires than the stock Camaro wheel tubs can hold. The solution is the install of some Detroit Speed deep tubs. First, Eric cuts out the stock rear trunk hinge support by drilling out the stock spot welds.

Next, the wheel tub spot welds are drilled.  Note the line on the floor, this is where the floor will be cut and folded to accommodate the deep tubs. 

Behind the wheel tub, the white line is cut in the trunk floor to house the deep tub.

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