V8 Staff

Next, we begin measuring to install the Detroit Speed subframe connectors. These connectors run through the body structure to provide additional rigidity to the body shell. They require the removal of the seat brace, and then you cut a channel through the floor, weld in the subframe connectors, and then reattach the seat brace. 

We are leaving the blunt and disconnected until we finish the car, and then we will weld them to the Detroit Speed subframe.

We chose some Speedhut gauges for the ZR9, and they custom screened ZR9 Camaro on the faces. This car will live outside of the United States, note the Metric scale gauges. These gauges will all be cleanly mounted in a Detroit Speed steel dash face.

They feature a built-in shift light and tach memory, and the speedometer is GPS enabled.    Speedhut can make these in a variety of custom colors and face designs.

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