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    Steve Hayes

    Private garage lifts seem to be gaining in popularity all the time which got me to wondering how many here have a lift in your garage?

    Over the years, I have worked with both 2 post and 4 post lifts. Based on my experience, I purchased a 4 post when the time came to add one to my garage. I did not want to have to anchor the lift to the floor permanently and with the optional caster kit I can move my 4 post out into the drive if I need to. I feel the car is more stable on a 4 post and the car can be stored for long periods of time without unloading the suspension or stressing the body. The 4 post also comes in handy for doing wheel alignments.

    V8 Staff

    4-post lifts are very versatile for all the reasons you listed. You can get a “trolley” jack to elevate the car on a 4-post lift to do suspension work and remove the wheels. The stacking storage is another great benefit. They are also a great tool when fabricating custom exhaust, as you can have the car on its wheels and there won’t be any guesswork as to suspension clearance.

    I wish I had the space for one in my garage!

    Kevin Oeste

    Frank Szymkowski

    I just had a Bend pak 4 post lift installed in my single car garage with a high roof making it now a 2 car garage and a great way to do oil/rear fluid and trans fluid changes on all 5 cars. I love it too. Lift works great

    Jon Shields

    The ceiling in my garage is too low for a full 4-post lift. But my sister has a garage that was modified to allow 2 car storage on a lift and she has given me permission to store a car above hers! Saves room in my garage. I did though get one of the mid-rise lifts to work on my garage. It too is portable and I love having a lift.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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