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    Doug McBride

    I LOVE watching these Muscle Car of the Week episodes… BUT, when are we going to see a Ford Maverick showcased?

    When my son turned 15, my wife and I started talking to him about what kind of car he wanted for his first car. We weren’t going to spend a lot of money (because of course it would be his first car) but he wasn’t thrilled about the numerous VW Jettas with over 100k that we figured we’d get him.

    He wanted something he could “work on” and maintain himself and ultimately found a 1972 Ford Maverick for sale on Craigslist that, although was ugly, did run and drive.

    He’s now 19 and the work he’s put into this car is incredible. He’s got 2 First Place trophies from a couple major car shows and is now in the process of building up large HP 302 to drop into it this winter.

    We all know that the Maverick was never the most desirable car as it was widely regarded as a “Mom’s Car” but there was the Maverick Grabber that was nothing short of awesome in those days and today.

    We’d love to see a Maverick showcased someday soon!


    V8 Staff

    That is a cool Maverick! We’ll definitely feature one if The Brothers Collection finds the right one to add. Feel free to share more pics of your Son’s car and his progress with the new engine swap! It looks like he’s done some great work already.

    Thanks for sharing!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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