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    Ronn Roberson

    Need a very good to the best engine machine shop to build my 67 427 L-71 435 hp.
    It was a L89 engine with tri-power but the top half of my motor was stolen out of
    Virginia auto parts store some years ago.
    A known buyer of hot parts got it all for a song. he is dead not but son still has shop.
    nuff of that I am trying to get correct dated heads and tri-power again.
    Also had started to rebuild my motor when all this happen
    Block was bored .030 over I have new factory .030 pistons, new L-88/LS-6 can in tube from dealer. Crank was turned m.010 r.020 I forgot to have it retuff rided and crossed drilled
    would like to get short block done would like to have the lifter bores sleeved and honed.
    I have a small scratch in one bore. Any help will be great car was sold in Jan. 67 so very late 66 date codes are needed and very hard to find. Thanks Ronn

    Ronn Roberson

    Oh I forgot this is in a 1967 Chevy SS-427 car also known as a Z-24 car.
    The engine was upgraded by Fred Gibb Chevrolet by a unknown guy by the name of Dicky Harrell who was working for Fred in his new COPO deal,

    RIP Dicky and FRED

    V8 Staff

    I know a guy! I’ll have him call you. Not only does he know the car, but is one of the best in the US for Big Block Chevs.

    Check out:
    V8 Radio Podcast:
    V8TV YouTube Channel:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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