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    V8 Staff

    Our ’62 Ford got a brand-new windshield today! I can’t believe how much better the car is. It’s like a whole new ride. First, you can actually see through the windshield now without having to squint because of the sandblasted glass. Second, this car now has a green sunshade across the top. It never had one, and it looks 1 million times better with it. We shot some video on the install because it used a gasket and was pretty tricky. I like this car a lot better now!


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    Mike Clarke

    That looks really nice! I love love love getting good new stuff for the goat. When I had my 66 Lemans, I had to replace the turn signal cam mechanism. The original one was sloppy and almost unusable. After I replaced it, It felt like I was driving a brand new car!

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    Frank Szymkowski

    its the little things that sometimes make a huge difference! Looks good!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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