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    Ken West

    Just a shout out to Kevin and the Crew as I had the opportunity on a recent business trip from Detroit to St.Louis, before returning home to Texas, to drop by the V8 Speed & Resto Shop if for no other reason than to take a selfie and pictures of the exterior. However, when I arrived I was given a warm welcome by Kevin & Rod. Rod gave me the nickle tour since I was short on time and after word Kevin was gracious enough to come back out and talk for a few minutes before I had to get back on the road. Just wanted to say Thank You for your time and generosity! Kevin, I am not only a gear-head at heart but a business kinda guy as well and hopefully next time we will have more I would love to talk about your career and journey over the past decade or so with the V8TV channel and the Speed/Resto Shop. Thanks again, Ken

    V8 Staff

    Ken, it was great to meet you in person and thanks for making a stop at our shop on your trip. Next time you’ll have to stay a bit longer!

    Thanks again!

    – KO

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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