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    Supercharged LSA Pro Touring 1967 Chevrolet Performance Upgrades Video V8 Speed and Resto Shop V8TV

    This 1967 Chevrolet Camaro is getting the whole Pro Touring treatment as we restore the body and install a GM LSA 6.2 Supercharged V8 backed by a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed transmission at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop. We thought we’d share an update as we build the car in our latest “What are you in for” video series where we share in-process projects from around the shop!

    The 67 Camaro came to our shop in mostly stock form, but without an engine or transmission but with a good deal of rust. The solution was to strip the body and fixture it on our body jig, and begin removing the old rusty sheet metal and replacing it with brand new panels. This car received a custom smoothed firewall, new lower cowl boxes, a new cabin floor, new trunk floor, quarter panels, a roof skin, tail panel, and more.

    A new subframe was installed and upfitted with Ridetech tubular suspension components and a coilover shock system. The front suspension is also using Ridetech spindles and their matching sway bar. Willwood disc brakes on all 4 corners squeezed by a Hydratech hydraulic brake boosted will bring it all to a stop. A Ridetech 4-link coilover rear suspension incorporates a 9 inch rear axle assembly.

    The engine is a new Chevrolet Performance LSA supercharged 6.2 V8, producing 556 horsepower right out of the crate. We’ve got lots of experience with these engines, and have made 550 HP at the rear wheels using a custom intake and filter, free-flowing exhaust, and a matching performance tune. The LSA is wearing a Wegner front accessory drive system.

    Inside, the Camaro will feature comfy and supportive TMI bucket seats, and a tilt steering column adds to the driver experience. The transmission tunnel was modified to accommodate the T56 Magnum 6-speed transmission.

    We’re in the process of test fitting all the trim on the car before it enters the bodywork phase and eventually paint. It’s going to be a great looking 1967 Camaro, with driving manners to match!

    Contact the V8 Speed & Resto Shop for all your restoration and performance needs!
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    The V8 Speed & Resto Shop is a full-service classic car and muscle car restoration service ready to perform everything from simple maintenance on vintage cars to full frame-off restorations and modifications. Whether you are seeking a stock restoration, a pro-touring muscle car, or a custom restomod, the V8 Speed & Resto Shop in Red Bud, IL, can help. Contact us today to put the V8 crew to work for you. Transport services are available.

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    See more pics of this Pro Touring 1967 Camaro: http://bit.ly/1967CamaroLSA

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