1957 Chevy

V8 Speed & Resto Shop Restoration GuidePlanning and tracking a restoration is a big project, but we've created 2 FREE tools you can download to help keep your project on track.   The first one is a planning document, with allows you to fill out parts, part numbers, prices, and other important info to get an idea of what you need.     This is both in spreadsheet format or in a printable .pdf, whichever you'd like to use.     

The second item is a Collector Car Manual, loaded with page after page where you can keep track of the parts in the car, mainteance, fluids, tire sizes, gear ratios... there's a LOT of info in this one.    Download it and print it out and keep it with your ride for reference.   

Click HERE to download the Restoration Planner in .PDF format

Click HERE to download the Collector Car Manual .PDF