Restoring a classic car raises many questions, and we have answers. Below are answers to many common restoration questions, but we always encourage customers to email or call us anytime to chat!

Where is your shop located?

What do you do in your shop?

How much does a restoration cost?

Factors affecting costs include:

These and many more elements determine the overall restoration cost, but we can assist in the planning of your project to help your vision come to life.   

Can you help me plan my restoration?

How do I get my car to your shop?

What if I do not have a vehicle yet, can you find one for me?

How long do restorations take?

Do you do modifications?

We perform many kinds of modifications to meet the customer's needs. These include:

... and many more!

Do you complete stock original restorations?

Do you work with other shops?

How is billing handled?

What happens if I have a question about something on an invoice?

Do you sell parts?

Who supplies the parts for my car?

What happens to parts removed from my vehicle?

Will my car be photographed during the restoration process?

Do you do partial restorations / modifications, or only complete cars?

What about mechanical upgrades, like fuel injection or air conditioning installs?

How do you tune and "break-in" a completed restoration?

How does a restoration affect the value of my vehicle?

What happens if the plan changes midway through a restoration?

Who's insurance covers the car during the build?

Is there anything you do NOT do in-house?

These policies and procedures subject to change and improvements as needed without notice.