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This beautiful silver 1969 Camaro Pro-Touring car is no stranger to the V8 speed and Resto shop. The first time it visited, we disassembled the car and installed Detroit Speed mini tubs, a rear QUADRALink suspension system with a Currie 9 + rear axle, and then a Detroit Speed subframe and suspension system up front.


We upsized the wheels with some Forgeline rollers wrapped in Toyo Tires, and added oversized Baer brakes actuated by a HydraTech hydraulic brake assist unit. The car drove and handled very well, but the owner wasn’t happy with the aggressive manners of the 540. It was a great street / strip racing engine, but it wasn’t happy doing casual weekend rides and city driving.

He sent us the car with a new mission, keep the power but add some refinement. Make it a little more reliable and less angry without decreasing performance. This was a tall order, but modern technology provided the solution, a Chevrolet LT4 Supercharged V8 engine. Follow along as we install the 700 plus horsepower LT4 engine, high-pressure fuel system, dry sump oil system, methanol injection, a C&R cooling system, and all the electronics to make it run.

The V8 Speed & Resto Shop is a full-service classic car and muscle car restoration service ready to perform everything from simple maintenance on vintage cars to full frame off restorations and modifications. Whether you are seeking a stock restoration, a pro-touring muscle car, or a custom restomod, the V8 Speed & Resto Shop in Red Bud, IL, can help. Contact us today to put the V8 crew to work for you. Transport services are available.

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Some of the parts used on this 1969 Camaro:

C&R Radiator
Ultimate Headers
Nitrous Express Methanol Injection
Dirty Dingo motor mounts
V8 Speed & Resto Shop firewall and dry sump oil system fabrication
GM Performance LT4 Connect & Cruise engine
Centerforce Clutch
Mittler Brothers Bead Roller & Fabrication Tools
HTP Welders
Forgeline Wheels
Toyo Tires
Baer Brakes

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