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Be part of This Week in Classic Cars, airing weekly on KTRS The Big 550 AM, St. Louis!    

This Week in Classic Cars is a weekly 1-hour radio show covering the classic and restoration enthusiast car culture, hosted by recognized industry professional personalities Kevin Oeste and Jeff Homscher.   Sponsoring the show puts your company in front of automotive enthusiasts all over the midwest in this entertaining and informative radio show broadcast on the premiere talk station in the region!



    • 1 Hour Classic Car Radio Show on market leading radio station, KTRS The Big 550 AM
    • Your company receives a minimum of 1 Minute sponsored content spot each episode
    • We can write and record your spot for you read by show hosts
    • Sponsor social post on V8 Speed and Resto Shop Social Channels
    • Your company has a guest opportunity to be on the show!
    • Your sponsored content remains in the podcast version of the show, also available on the KTRS app!


Just $100 per airing!   Minimum 4 airings.   



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KTRS listeners are:

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    • Educated: Over 75% of our listeners have a college degree.
    • Engaged: Our listeners are active consumers and community members.


Benefits of Advertising on KTRS The Big 550:

When you advertise on KTRS The Big 550, you can reach your target audience with your advertising message. You can also benefit from the following:

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Be sure to listen to This Week in Classic Cars each Sunday from 1-2pm as they provide stories, take live calls and build a library of storytelling that help you learn all about the classic car restoration industry and their incredible skill sets that will make you and your car the talk of the neighborhood!


Listen To The Latest Episode:


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Promote your business, your services, your event, your products through this fun and engaging radio show!




Kevin Oeste – V8 Speed and Resto Shop

Kevin Oeste is a lifelong automotive and motorsports enthusiast whose passion was sparked at an early age. Oeste grew up in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, IL, spending his childhood building models, reading Hot Rod and CARtoons Magazines, racing Hot Wheels cars, drawing cars, and going for high-speed rides in his Father’s police car. Oeste was fortunate to have access to a cable TV and FM radio station in his High School, and after his first radio show, he knew he wanted to work in broadcasting. After receiving a degree in Broadcast Communication from Illinois State University, Oeste was able to merge his two passions by getting hired at Hot Rod Magazine in Los Angeles, eventually producing Hot Rod TV on Speedchannel. Shooting NCMA races and events like the Hot Rod Power Tour led him all over the country, eventually meeting his wife Kelle 6 states from home after his 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 XL convertible broke down on the Power Tour. Growing up on a farm in the midwest, Kelle is no stranger to hard work. She helped him fix the car, and they flourished working hard together. Soon they launched their own Muscle Car restoration TV show and television production company, airing V8TV on cable and satellite channels all over the USA. His industry relationships afforded Oeste some amazing opportunities, like being the Host and Emcee for the SEMA Central Stage, SEMA Cruise, SEMA Reveal, and SEMA Banquet at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. He also writes and Emcees the SEMA Awards Gala, inducting new honorees into the SEMA Hall Of Fame, a privilege he does not take lightly.

Jeff Homsher – It’s Alive Automotive

Every restoration is a project in its own right.  As such, strong program management is crucial to the ultimate success.  The owner of It’s Alive Automotive, Jeff Homsher, knows program management very well given his 38 years as a program manager at the Boeing Company.   Jeff ensures that every restoration is executed through adherence to proven and well-thought-out processes that have been comprehensively vetted and coordinated with the customer.  In addition, Jeff recognizes that all plans must be continuously enhanced and adjusted as events occur and circumstances change.  The implementation of a thoughtful and adaptive plan is foundational to the success of the It’s Alive process resulting in quality products and strong customer loyalty.





Josh Gilbert

Josh joined KTRS in 2010, working early mornings on the weekends – shifts nobody else wanted to do. Five years later, he’s still doing the jobs no one wants to do and is producing The John Carney Show. While not generally a very excitable guy, his first loves lie in music, film, and anything to do with pop culture. A “Like” er of very few Facebook pages, his dislikes run in the thousands, and you can hear him complain on any number of topics, every day, as the Board Operator and self-proclaimed “voice of reason” on The Carney Show.




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