The 2022 SEMA show is coming up in Las Vegas, and we will be working the show and attending. However, we are always ask the same question, and that is “why can’t the general public get into the show?”

The answer lies in the fact that SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, which is a trade association created to help automotive aftermarket manufacturers be successful. Each year, thousands of these manufacturers, warehouse distributors, retailers, and installers all converge on the Las Vegas convention center to make deals, learn the new products, talk about their own buying and selling accounts, strategize the next year, discuss shipping and warehousing options, new product ideas, and so much more. Quite honestly, there is so much to talk about between industry professionals, that the thought of introducing hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts with their individual car questions would prohibit many of the necessary conversations for these businesses to be successful. And if those businesses are not around, us consumers don’t get our parts.

Many people feel the SEMA show is a car show, and in many ways it is, in the sense that there are some awesome vehicles on display showcasing the products that are being shown inside the convention center halls by the manufacturers. However, this is not a car show where you register, bring your car, winning award and go home. At this point, the vehicles are there to showcase the products and the talents of the manufacturers and builders who put them together.

However, SEMA has extended the SEMA Friday Experience, which allows a select number of consumers to buy tickets and enter the show on Friday, and then hang around for the SEMA Cruise, and SEMA Ignited events Friday night. You can find tickets at www.semaignited.com pending their availability.

As an enthusiast, now is the time to pay attention to your favorite websites, magazines, television coverage, and social media and video channels to learn as much as you can about the new products and vehicles released at the SEMA show. And although it is not as immediate, all the cool new stuff will make its way through the distribution channels to be available to us consumers in due time.


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