Ward Frahler

Look Maw, no flanges. :cheer: So I decided to clean up my firewall also. I wish I had taken some before pics but I was sitting out there thinking about and just jumped in. Where they put the body together they leave flanges to pinch together and spot weld. I thought it would look a lot cleaner if they weren’t there, maybe in the end it won’t be worth the effort but won’t know until you try, right? I just cut 3″ or 4″ at a time, there are 3 layers of metal coming together at the same point and I wanted to make sure it all kept its position. I removed the drip rails on a Maverick once and used the same procedure. I cut the vin tag off and positioned it right where it was just closer to the firewall and of course I will clean up the welds when I’m done. I finished the 2 sides. Now just have to finish going across the cowl.
Sorry if these aren’t clear as to what they are but the top and bottom pics are on their sides.