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1951 Mercury Hirohata Kustom 2021 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals MCACN 2021 V8TV

When it comes to kustom cars, the 1951 Mercury built by George and Sam Barris for Bob Hirohata is about as legendary as it gets. The innovative 1951 Mercury Hirohata kustom introduced many kustom design elements, and remains true to form today, even through an extensive restoration. Oh yeah, it also looks awesome! It’s long, low, chopped, clean, with Buick side trim, tuck & roll interior, Cadillac Sombrero hubcaps, and a real Von Dutch stripe on the dash, and it’s boss.

The Hirohata Merc demonstrates the perfect top chop on a custom car, and we were super excited to see the car in person at the 2021 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show in Chicago. (MCACN). No, it’s not a Muscle Car, but the Mecum Auction Company had the car on display. In fact, the Hirohata Mercury became the highest selling Kustom car ever, fetching $1.95 Million at the 2022 Mecum Kissimmee auction in Florida on January 15, 2022!

The car has a rich history, transforming from stock, to the custom like in this video, to changing colors and being wrecked in the 1950s. The same family has owned the car for decades, and finally took the opportunity to restore the car back to the original Barris version.

This amazing piece of custom car and hot rod history looks as good as ever, and there are many longer-form videos online to learn more of the story, the links are below.

Hagerty video on the car featuring much more of the story:

Hirohata Mercury Mecum Auction Listing:

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