1969 Chevrolet Camaro restored by the V8 Speed and Resto Shop

Welcome to V8 Speed and Resto Shop – Your Premier Destination for Muscle Car and Classic Car Restoration!

At the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, we are passionate about breathing new life into classic and muscle cars or crafting one-of-a-kind custom hot rods that turn heads. If you share our enthusiasm for automotive excellence, we invite you to connect with us. Please take a moment to fill out the form below. We’re here to make your automotive dreams a reality!

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V8 Speed & Resto Shop
(314) 783.8325
817 South Main Street
Red Bud, IL 62278-1216, US
Email Us: resto@v8speedshop.com

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817 S. MAIN STREET – RED BUD, IL 62278

6 thoughts on “Contact The V8 Speed and Resto Shop

    • Kathy Jackson says:

      Loved my 70 Chevy Chevelle black and silver bored out engine overhead cam 4 on the floor and no one could beat me! Of course I had some serious racing skills! Thanks for featuring it!!

    • Donald J Rokosz says:

      I really enjoyed your videos (3-part series) on the 1957 Thunderbird build.Very informative and detailed coverage from start to finish. Is it possible that you might be able to answer a few questions on the build? I live outside of Vancouver,Canada and I am presently working on the same model t/bird with a 5.0 Coyote engine with a 10 speed transmission.
      What is the brand name of the mufflers with the oval tubing and what are the size of the tires used? Is the car is raked at all?
      With much appreciation and many thanks.

      Don Rokosz

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