Ward Frahler

I got the LCAs back and mocked up both sides with different spindles. After talking to Fakesnake and Tyson, I bought another set of spindles. Fakesnake had been down this road before and after talking to him and he stressing the idea that it would be too low when running the Shockwaves with the FM dropped spindles.Tyson is running the Dropem & Stopem spindles and I liked what he had to say about them. I called Dave at Dropem & Stopem and talked to him about his spindles and was happy with all the answers to my questions. The Fatman spindles are supposed to be a 3″ drop and the D&S spindles are supposed to be 2 1/2″ drop. Now for my thoughts and ideas about the 2 spindles with pictures. Something that just came to me is that I never took a measurement with the stock spindles, I may do that just for others to use as a reference. I’m using, I think, 2001 mustang GT wheels with 5 1/4″ backspace and 1 1/2″ spacers. First is the FM dropped spindle, so this probably is about a 3″ drop. I could actually remove the spacer and probably be alright as you can see the balljoint would fit inside the wheel without conflict. DSC01938.JPG
Next is the D&S spindle. Comparatively by looking at the balljoint location you can see even with these 17″ whels the balljoint is close to wheel. So with the stock wheel backspacing at 5 1/4″ and adding the 1 1/2″ spacer the backspacing becomes 3 3/4″ which puts the wheel too close to the fender in my opinion. I could probably safely get away with 4 1/4″ backspace on 8″ wide wheels. I should also state that I plan on running 17 X 8 wheels with this size tire which is 245/45 17 on the front. DSC01939.JPG
Next is the space between the balljoint and the wheel with the D&S spindle. DSC01940.JPG
Next is the distance from the wheel to the garage floor. My oilpan sits at 15 1/4″ from the floor. With the D&S spindle the wheel is at about 14 1/4″ so if I had a flat I still have a little over an inch before the oil pan is riding the ground. DSC01941.JPG
Next is the FM spindle and as you can see it is at about 16″ off the ground. This would put my oil pan on the ground or very close to it, as chances are that you would probably have a flat on one side only at a time so the other side might hold it off the ground. DSC01942.JPG
This is the mustang wheel I’m using for mock up. DSC01943.JPG
Last shows that the D&S spindle has no hard stop but neither does the FM spindle. I’m going to have to come up with something here. DSC01945.JPG
Fianl thoughts. If I was just lowering my car and not running Shockwaves at all 4 corners I would probably go with the FM spindles, but Fakesnake is a smart man and they were going to put me too low or lower than I felt comfortable with. If you want to run large brakes you can run them on the D&S spindles with an off the shelf Wilwood kit. If you want to run big brakes on the FM spindles you have to send them to FM, they machine them and then you can only buy the Wilwood kit from them which makes them higher $. You can run more backspace with the FM spindles without interference. So it all depends on what you are after. I will be running the D&S spindles for my application and will be selling my FM spindles soon. Hope this helps someone out there.