V8 Staff

This is a very clean car, and our initial inspection showed us what a nice specimen this is. It was still powered by the original Oldsmobile 400 V8 engine when it arrived in our shop, but there were upgrades in-process already.

Our customer began upgrading his Oldsmobile in his home shop. He wanted to make this car more enjoyable to drive without losing the classic appearance. He installed a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission and hydraulic clutch, but kept the original 4-speed, shifter, and shift ball.

He exchanged the original stamped steel front control arms with some tubular units and a coilover shock system and an oversized sway bar.

A set of oversized Baer disc brakes was installed, actuated by a Wilwood master cylinder helped by a Hydratech hydraulic brake booster.

Outback, he installed a Currie 9-inch rear axle assembly and their billet aluminum Currectrac control arms, along with air assisted coil springs, billet shocks, and a beefy rear sway bar.

The car rolls on 17in Torq-Thrust 2 wheels which is the only external indicator that this car had any modifications. Well, that and the lowered ride height.

He chose some good parts, but the installation was not quite finished, as the bolts were not all tight and the car had not really been driven dialed-in. It was at this point that he wanted to go with “more power and less leaks”, so he called our shop for help.