Ken West

Mama says to get this thing on the road ASAP!!! So, I have started on the body and this is not my thing. I will do the floor areas that are covered and unseen to save some time and $$ and have the body shop do the rest. As you can see I am not lying when I say this is not my thing.
So no new complete floors just one patch panel and a bunch of JB Weld products. I know – it sucks!
20190505_195335.jpg 20190510_190808.jpg
20190702_092754.jpg 20190719_101803.jpg

Floor pan behind driver

The trunk floor is very pitty but it recieved the same treatment for now.

The top windshield channel and the 2 side channels of the backlight as well as the dutchman panel need to be replaced. These I will have skilled labor do along with paint work.
20190719_102032.jpg 20190719_102138.jpg 20190719_102200.jpg 20190719_102225.jpg