V8 Staff

On the back side, the radiator is mounted to the core support.

A high fin and tube per inch count increases surface area for better cooling, and the tubes are actually extruded for strength. These are shots of a cutaway:

C&R builds these tube cores to withstand pressure of 100 psi in F1 racing, a pressure they won’t ever see in a street car like this, but they withstand “ballooning” and potential cracking and bursting like rolled tubes.

They’ve also added reinforcements to the structure to keep the tanks and cores from separating and leaking.

The driver side incorporates an engine oil cooler, and the twin Spal fans are visible here.

Passenger side connections for engine coolant. Aluminum bracketry bolts to the stock Camaro radiator support locations.

Here, the Vintage Air A/C condenser core has been added to the front of the heat exchanger.

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