V8 Staff

We suspect the reason for the total was that the radiator, air-conditioning coil, transmission cooler, and other core support mounted items had been damaged, and they were expensive to replace.

He bought the truck, and even with the damaged components, it still ran and drove. It was then measured to make sure the wheelbase was square, removing any suspicion of frame damage and it was decided that this would be a great candidate for the body swap.

The build plan also included a few upgrades to the 1969 truck body, including a Vintage Air system, an Ididit tilt steering column, upgraded audio, Dakota Digital VHX gauges, and a few other creature comforts.

When both trucks arrived in the V8 Speed & Resto shop, we were very impressed with the quality of the ’69. It has been repainted and some of the trim is a little faded, but overall it is a very nice truck. The plan is to leave the exterior as it is.

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