V8 Staff

The BOSS 302.0 survived its visit to the media blaster with minimal surprises.

The blaster left a few pieces of duct tape on the car to use as guides to illustrate how much filler was on the car in various places. The tail pan was toast, and the passenger quarter was pretty wrinkly from crash damage.

It’s kind of hard to tell in this pic, but the passenger quarter was pushed in about 1/2″ and had been pulled before.

Other than the quarter panel damage, the blasting process did not reveal any new surprises.

After the initial inspection, the crew spun the car on the Autowirler while blowing it out to free any loose blasting media. THen they attacked the car with an 80-grit DA sander to knock off the rough media blast texture, then scrubbed it with Scotchbrite pads and wax & grease remover before a final blow-down and BASF EP760 Epoxy Primer.

You’ll note that the panels targeted for removal were not primed completely to save on materials.

Overall, the shell is very clean, and will provide a great foundation from which the BOSS 302.0 will evolve!

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