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Nice, Kevin. I didn’t want to cut my dash either, so I mounted mine under the dash using a surface mount box. I’ll post pics later. I have since done the same thing in my buddy’s Chevelle. As for speakers, there are pretty much no options for our Rivs like the molded kick panel options for popular cars. And there are no aftermarket door panels or package shelves for us either. But, as I will own this car for the rest of my life I decided it was more important for me to have sound so I cut holes in the package shelf and door panels.

I have a 4 channel amp in the trunk that powers the sub and the rear speakers and let the head unit power the door speakers.

Last week my wife bought a top-of-the-line Subaru Outback with a Harmon Kardon stereo and the sound in my Riv blows it away. And it didn’t cost as much as people think. I also installed a head unit and powered sub in my daughter’s Saturn. Changed the speakers too. And it also sounds incredible! As you know, it diesn’t take much to have great sound, and when done right it can really make driving an old car a modern pleasure.

Cool deal. Someday I’ll hear it!

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