V8 Staff

I wanted to see if I could mount some 6” round 3-ways in the doors, but my options were limited. First off, this is a crank window car, so the high-mount position was out.

I looked at the lower front corner below the armrest. Not the ideal spot, but about the right size.

Pulled the door panel to see what was up behind the panel.

I was thinking about here, but…

…the lower hinge inner door support runs right behind this part of the door shell. To do this right, it would require cutting the hole in the door and lower support for the speaker, and fabricating a new inner reinforcement to support the door at the hinge. By this point, I was getting some guilty feelings about cutting this one up, so I quietly cleaned up the door and door panel and put it all back together.

I had a set of sweet Polk Audio 6x9s that I was considering installing in the rear deck. The deck is tricky on these cars, as there is no flat spot and it is full of holes.

This is what the deck looks like from underneath.

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