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After the bench seat is reinstalled, here’s the amp / sub unit under the seat. The calibration pots all face forward and are easy to reach from the front side of the seat.

The radio display is backlit LCD, and here you see it shining through the simulated AM dial. This is in FM mode, and it will display the station name and song in alphanumeric characters as well. It is far more consistent in color in reality, these phone camera shots don’t do it justice.

Auxiliary mode:

The next part of the project is the Custom Autosound BLUKIT, which will allow full Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free phone usage with this system.

The module connects to the back of the head unit and will live in the dash, it comes with the cables and an adhesive pad if you don’t want to screw mount it.

These are the microphone and the Bluetooth button. The mic is used for handsfree calling, just pair your phone to the unit via Bluetooth, and the phone will ring through the car speakers. Touching the supplied button will answer the phone and allow a hands-free speakerphone through the audio system.

The mic has a clip for easy mounting, and the button has a supplied adhesive pad as well. We plan to mount the mic and button out of the way in the cove of the dash cluster.

I’m more interested in using the Bluetooth interface to stream music from my phone to the car, rather than make calls, but it is a nice feature. The phone will then act as not only a music library, but a wireless remote to advance tracks and adjust volume. Pretty slick.

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