V8 Staff

First, thanks for the idea to use plumbing couplings as spacers for my shocks. Worked like a charm. Just had to hold each one against the grinder to level them and shorten them. Took only a few minutes. If I were anal I’d have ground the outside casting form off them, but they are hidden and I’m just not up for that much grinding. They look fine.

Second, I converted to a modern , high-amp, one-wire alternator on my 69. Works great and powers my mega-watt stereo with the AC cranking, trans cooler fan and auxiliary electric cooling fan just fine. Not sure if you can get a higher amp unit as a stock replacement. Keep us informed.

Third, I rebuilt my underhood engine wiring harness. Had to do it wire by wire. Had to source all the clips and stuff piece-meal. Reused some of the original stuff. I’ve done a few for others since then. My wires were rock hard and very brittle. I also replaced the resister wire with a standard wire so I can run an MSD setup and electronic ignition. Let me know if you want me to do yours. As a favor. Now, as for the other harnesses in our cars…….. LOL.

Thanks for the note. Glad the spacers worked out!

Personally, I’ve not been a fan of the 1-wire alternators, because I believe the premise of having a dedicated charge sensing wire to let the alternator know what the voltage is in the heart of the system. Here’s a great explanation of how the systems work – and all the tech pages on the M.A.D. site are a MUST READ for gearheads!


However, if yours is working properly, I wouldn’t mess with it! I may upgrade to a 12SI alternator with internal regulator at some point as my needs arise, but so far, the 42A and new regulator are doing well for this car. The voltage is always contestant, no more gauge lights flaring up or dimming under load of windshield wipers or heater fan. This is a no A/C car with no power accessories, so outside of the audio upgrade, the system load is pretty low.

Kevin Oeste