V8 Staff

The car was placed on a frame jig and pulled slightly to relieve the tension caused by the mild rear end impact.

The repair work was really not that significant, but the challenge was working with the insurance company. You see, this car has five layers of gold colored base, a layer of inter-coat clear, some gold flake, more inter-coat clear, and then seven layers of Kandy Brandywine, all covered with layers of clear. That is a a lot of material, and nearly impossible to blend and match. The insurance company claimed that we could blend this color in the middle of the door and just paint the back half of the car. Anybody who has ever dealt with custom colors like this knows that every layer of color changes the hue. For example, if the original painter sprayed seven medium layers of Brandy to reach this shade, and a different painter applied seven layers that were slightly heavier, the car would be a completely different color. We knew the best course of action was to respray the entire car.

The other challenge is that when you have such a high film build on a car, you risk the material cracking and other issues. We simply were not comfortable adding additional paint layers without expecting trouble in the future.

After repeated phone calls, arguments, estimates, rewrites, more visits from estimators, and more phone calls, Kelle was able to convince the insurance company that a full repaint was the best course of action.

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