V8 Staff

This car has been evolving over the years to a point where the customer just didn’t have the time to finish the last steps of his turbo install. Although it is dirty from being stored, the car is a very clean example of a ‘93 Cobra, which was a limited edition Mustang GT with some suspension, brake, and wheel upgrades over the regular GT.

The rear wing and tail lights are also specific to the Cobra, although the tail light lenses are similar to the ones on the earlier Ford Mustang SVO cars of the mid 1980s.

This one has a Cervini’s hood with custom airbrush graphics, and similar themed skull graphics on the valve covers mounted to the 347 cubic inch stroker Ford 5.0 style V8 engine.

The car arrived wearing an “eBay” turbo kit, featuring a 45mm Turbonetics turbocharger and pre-made tubing. One of the tasks was to install the intercooler in the stock bumper cover, which is another Cobra-specific item.

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