Very nice Kent, 6 years!, I don’t think I would have the patience to work on a car for that long before I could drive it. Also appears we have the same tastes except we have each others car…If you have more pics or photobucket account etc. I would love to see more of it.

I’ve had my 69 for over 10 years now and slowly changing, upgrading things as I go along. Nothing too radical, 350 cu.in naturally aspirated with turbo 350 trans. Next steps will be Hotchkis springs and leafs, going to 12 bolt 3:73 posi from Moser and then dropping in Tremec 5 speed. Last upgrade will be 383 stroker but you know things could change. Would love to clone her into a COPO (it is an X44 car) but I think the money would be better spent getting my 70 Chevelle, Here is a link to a few pics.



I bought the car as a empty body on the frame. I even had too buy spindles for it to roll it out of the garage it had been in. The previous owner had painted it 8 years earlier but never started putting it back together.

It took 6 years to rebuild because during the rebuild I have had 2 children and a also bought a old house that I totally restored and built up from the ground up. It started with me telling me girlfriend that the kitchen had to be remodeled, one month later the whole house was empty…. :whistle: It´s like cars… i´m just going to…… and X years later it is totally rebuilt.

I have a photobucket, its 428 pictures……. all from the build:

I´m in the progress now of putting in 3 point rear seatbelts so that the kids can come and enjoy the car with me.