Mike Clarke

Hi Mike,
I was telling Kevin how much I enjoy the Pod cast. After watching these reality tv shows it’s nice to know the true reality of a restoration.
We’re also kindred in that we are both Air Force vets. AGE mechanic here.
I bought it as a daily driver but the the paint was peeling off the original paint job so…well 4 years later and I’m hoping to have the paint on it this year. You know how it is in the Midwest. The bodywork window for a home shop is very small.
How’s the GTO coming along?

Well aim high! I knew there was something I liked about you! I was an airborne radar tech on the awacs. It was a pretty cool gig. I saw you AGE guys on the flight line from time to time. Kevin’s Dad was in the Air Force, too.

As far as the GTO is concerned, it’s coming along. Slowly. You know how it is. Time and money. Both in short supply.