Brian Eckhardt

This 83 year old Grand Lady has been together with United States throughout many events of their history. She was once lost as spare parts and now is found and is being restored to her former glory. She has been though a lot of good and bad times – World Wars, The Great Depression, First Man to the Moon, and 911 to say a few. If she could speak, I’m sure she would tell you some wonderful stories! The V8 Speed and Restoration Team is rebuilding her from front to back and then some with loving care. Once the team is done she should last for many more years to come. She will soon be going to Plymouth Massachusetts to see the place where she was named after. This will be one of her great experience’s. She will be passed down to the next generation that I’m sure will enjoy to be with her, in her travels throughout history. Just think maybe one day her engine might run off of compressed air tanks, stored beneath her floor boards!