V8 Speed and Resto Shop Dri Duck Expedition Black Duffel Bag

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Finally, a gear bag worthy of your Hot Rod!


Bring it all with you thanks to this 60L capacity, heavy-duty black duffel bag.     Tools, snacks, hoodies, emergency items, beverages… if it fits, bring it!

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Expedition Duffel: Your Gear’s Armored Chariot

Tired of your luggage looking like it went 12 rounds with a grizzly bear? Introducing the V8 Speed and Resto Shop Expedition Duffel, the Fort Knox of travel bags built for adventurers who refuse to compromise.

This bad boy boasts:

  • 60L of “I don’t need a closet, I have this” capacity: Pack enough clothes for a month, your entire camera collection, and maybe even a small dog (we don’t judge).
  • 12 oz. Concrete Canvas: Because regular canvas is for picnics, not epic expeditions. This stuff can withstand rogue tumbleweeds, wayward branches, and even jealous airline baggage handlers.
  • U-shaped opening: No more spelunking for your socks! Easily access all your gear like a champion rummager.
  • Padded bottom: Say goodbye to dent-induced heartbreak. Your precious cargo will ride in plush comfort.
  • Reinforced side handles: Built to handle the throws of even the most enthusiastic trunk-tossers.
  • Embroidered V8 Speed and Resto Shop logo: Because looking good is half the battle, even on the road.

Basically, this duffel is your gear’s personal bodyguard. It’ll shield it from the elements, shrug off bumps and bruises, and emerge victorious (and probably a little dusty) at your destination.

So, ditch the flimsy suitcase and embark on your next adventure with confidence. The Expedition Duffel is ready to conquer the world, one rugged journey at a time.

P.S. We’re not responsible for any spontaneous road trips this duffel might inspire. You’ve been warned.


Product Details

  • 12 oz., 85/15 cotton/polyester, concrete canvas
  • Easy grab handles with canvas wrap for secure grip
  • Removable, adjustable canvas shoulder strap with padding for added comfort
  • U-shaped opening with embroidery-friendly pocket
  • Three interior pockets
  • Padded bottom
  • Two-way zippers
  • V8 Speed and Resto Shop Logo

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in

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